KMD has a strong management team who:

  • Drives the business forward with experience and innovation.
  • Possess extensive domain knowledge about their respective fields.
  • The team’s approach to business enables us to follows and inculcates the best practices in the industry.

Other advantages:

  • A smaller and more focused group, establishing itself as a niche player.
  • The group’s specialities have been carefully selected, concentrating on areas of business where a differential can be offered to the client.
  • Having already worked together for a number of years, the teams have a proven working relationship with each other and complement each member’s strengths and skill sets.
  • The Aviation team has a strong history in aviation and aerospace risks that date beyond the 1980s.
  • Capabilities in the area of broking, claims, technical support and analysis enable the team to be flexible and proactive to each individual business account, providing an account-specific service.
  • The team’s approach to business enables them to evaluate markets, client needs and preferences; thus optimising the service offering to best meet local requirements.
  • The group continually finds opportunities to strengthen relationship with clients as the partnership is viewed as a long-term one.

Leading player in India and sole broker for India’s:

  • Largest group PA policy.
  • Largest Marine Hull Fleet.
  • One of the biggest Offshore Upstream Oil and Gas risk.
  • One of the biggest Offshore Construction Project (Deep Water).