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KMD Structured Solutions is the center of competence for unique tailor-made solutions to Corporates, Insurance & Reinsurance companies. Our mission is to provide solutions which protect our client’s balance sheet in an increasingly volatile environment.

We assist by providing clients with the strategy, vision and solutions to drive business initiatives, streamline costs, effectively manage resources and customers, and improve their competitive position in today’s demanding interconnected business environment.

The Structured Solutions Group provides a range of holistic solutions for our clients.Our approach is to deliver solutions to address specific client needs as opposed to just designing and selling a product. Solutions would take into account / anticipate other risks that could arise by a customer purchasing a solution; Key differentiation between a simple product versus ideally, a total solution.


  • Dedicated division for unique insurance & reinsurance solutions.
  • Hugely successful in developing solutions for corporates and (re)insurance companies in India and abroad.
  • Specialist in Life Reinsurance solutions

General & Life Insurance Solutions:


  • Individual / Group solutions
  • International Health
  • Critical Illness: 9 – 21 illness on diagnosis

Personal Accident

  • High Limits – USD 10-15 Million per insured
  • Terrorism cover (combined / stand – alone)
  • Group Solutions


  • Trade-related bank loan comprehensive non-payment insurance.
  • Unique products associated to Loans, Deposits, Credit /Debit cards.

Credit Insurance

  • Export Securitization
  • Import Solutions
  • Political Risk
  • Surety


  • Extended Warranty
  • Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection

Reinsurance Programmes

  • Structured Reinsurance: Reinsurance based but with additional elements.

Main role of all Reinsurance

  • Manage peak risks and exposures (protection against large losses)
  • Bring stability over the cycle and protect capital base
  • Capacity

“Traditional” Reinsurance

  • Individual lines/layers – increasingly smaller segmented boxes
  • Typically 12 months
  • Often commodity-like

“Structured” Reinsurance

  • Multi Line / Multi Year
  • Pooling of covers to take advantage of correlations
  • Tailored solution rather than commodity
  • Cost effective

Additional Information

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