Why Us

Why KMD?

We provide our clients with a complete and comprehensive risk solution.

Risk Analysis

A thorough study and analysis of the risk is carried out by experts using both in-house designed tools, as well as externally recognized products when required.

Insurance & Reinsurance programme design

The most effective solution is selected after the risk analysis and is discussed with the (re)insurer and client to ensure optimum coverage and cost. With our four decades worth of experience in the insurance market, we assist clients in designing and securing market support for sophisticated programmes essential in achieving and maintaining the optimum balance between retained and transferred risks.

Accurate & Timely Claims Servicing

We work closely with our clients and the (re)insurers in order to guarantee that all claims are correctly managed. We have an excellent relationship with adjusters and surveyors internationally, and our claims team liaises closely with the insured and the insurance company; this, so as to ensure prompt settlement through the submission of the relevant documentation and claims data for timely settlement.

Partnership & Training

Many business risks can be mitigated with the correct planning, selection and training. Our methodology involves the bringing together of our clients, insurers and loss prevention experts; so that each party benefits from the business relationship, through an exchange of information and best practices.

Market Knowledge

Our staff make every effort to understand the market in which they operate, and share this knowledge with all involved, ensuring greater value is added to the overall partnership.

Total Risk Solutions

We offer our clients total risk solutions from the stage of risk profiling and programme design, to claims administration and renewal. Thus, our clients can focus on their core business, knowing that they are covered by a complete, thorough and cost effective insurance programme.

Our Achievements

  • Reinsurance of First Independent Power Project in India placed by us in 1995 and the first to develop manuscript wordings for mega projects in India. This saw the development of project finance with the support of insurance/reinsurance.
  • We are a major contributor in placing business with Indian market, placed inward business with the Indian market primarily from Europe, Middle East, Far East and African markets.
  • Introduced the first Structured Reinsurance Solution for the Indian market.
  • Developed the first Indian General Aviation Treaty in 1997 which developed into a market treaty with adequate capacity for the Indian GA Hull Values. KMD continue to lead the treaty for the tenth year. This treaty has been extended to include SAARC countries; viz. Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives.
  • A key participant and faculty with the National Insurance Academy and other insurance education institutes.
  • Developed the first Capital Efficiency and Solvency Solutions for the market.
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