Core business of the Company since inception. The Company has its credentials since the early days of evolution of the business in Indian market since nationalization in early 1970s, where reinsurance was the only stream allowed to be serviced by the brokers in the Indian market.

The Company’s focus has always been to have a pioneering effort in introducing new ideas and concepts, where a value-addition can be offered to a client. This brings a fresh approach to business, in being recognized as a specialty broker.

The Reinsurance team consists of highly motivated individuals whose vast and long standing experience stands out as one of the professional outfit as recognized in the Afro-Asian market.


The Company prides itself in pioneering innovative solutions in reinsurance which is suited to adapt to the needs of individual clients / markets.

The team members have the capabilities of devising the most innovative and cost-effective approaches to reinsurance program designing.

We as Treaty reinsurance brokers address the underwriting and capital objectives on a portfolio-level, of our clients; allowing them to more effectively manage the combination of premium growth, return on capital and rating agency interests. As the a leading treaty reinsurance broker in the Afro-Asian region, we are uniquely positioned to provide flexible designs tailor-suited and structured to meet each client’s unique objectives and underwriting profile.

Our experts ensure that our dedicated expertise best meets each client’s specific needs. This is based on our industry experience, advanced analytics, innovative products and strong market relationships to identify markets for clients and support the creation of new capacity to address the ever-changing needs of our clients.

High Level Service

High capabilities in the areas of broking, claims, technical support and analysis enables us to be flexible and proactive to each individual business account, providing an account-specific service.

Our approach to business enables us to evaluate markets, client needs and preferences; thus optimizing the service offering to best meet local requirements.

We recognize the importance of constant challenges in the fast- evolving reinsurance market conditions and adapting the same to business. In today’s economic climate, this is becoming more and more relevant to both internal and external clients.

We continually find opportunities to strengthen client relationships; as all partnerships are viewed as long term.

Pre-Placement of Business

  • Analysis of Risk and strategy discussions
  • Structure (re)insurance programme to meet client requirements
  • Negotiations with key (re)insurers
  • Continuous communication and feedback

Post Placement of Business

  • Market Intelligence
  • Thorough and timely support from each member of the account team.

We offer a range of services to cater to complex risk management(what?), assisting customers in the structuring and execution of insurance, reinsurance and other forms of risk transfer.

Major treaty broker for reinsurance programs of various Indian, Middle Eastern and other Afro-Asian Insurance and Reinsurance Companies.

Presence in Market

By being the Leading Reinsurance Broker in the Indian market, we are the flag-bearer for the national reinsurer GIC Re’s Domestic and International Non Marine Risk and Catastrophe Excess of Loss Programs, Aviation Domestic and International Excess of Loss Programs, flag broker for the Indian Terrorism Pool Protection, and presence as a flag-bearer / leading broker in 11 of the 17 direct insurance companies in India.

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